Why you should choose Natural Stone tiling?

Natural Stone flooring can create a beautiful finish to your floor, and will add a fantastic feature to any home. Stone tiles does not ware like other materials, lasting a lifetime. Unique and natural, stone tiling will add character and enhance the value of your home.

How do I receive a stone floor restoration quote?

Exclusive Tiling and Polishing come to you to provide a quote to restore your stone floors. The quote will depend on the type of stone, where it is located and the condition it is in. We will clearly explain the work that is needed to restore your stone floor to your expectation and provide a fixed price for the work.

How long will my project be completed?

Most of our domestic work can be completed in few days. For full-service stone floor restoration, sometimes our projects may take many days to complete. In any project we quote, our quote will always estimate you on the completion time

How long has Exclusive Tiling and Polishing been operating?

We are a well established Sydney Tiling & Polishing business and have been tiling and polishing since 1996.